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  • Red Velvet Cake

    Red Velvet Cake

    Red Velvet Cake is trending and is usually dark red, bright red or red-brown color. It...
  • Banga Soup

    Banga Soup

    Popular in the south-south region of Nigeria but this is Edo and Delta state style.The...
  • Puff Puff

    Puff Puff

    These are fried yummy balls made mainly from flour and yeast. Its golden brown colour...
  • Pancakes


    Perfect for breakfast, pancakes are delicious and could be enjoyed better with maple...
  • Isi Ewu

    Isi Ewu

    This dish is so unusually delicious and is only complete if you have eaten the major...
  • Jollof Rice

    Jollof Rice

    Jollof rice is the most popular rice dish in Ghana and Nigeria. Its attractive colour...
  • Nigerian Plantain Porridge

    Nigerian Plantain Porridge

    Plantain is usually enjoyed fried, boiled or roasted. It can be eaten with sauces or...
  • Roast Plantain with Sauce

    Roast Plantain with Sauce

    Roast Plantain is another traditional and healthy way to enjoy plantain. It is...

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