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  • Jollof Rice

    Jollof Rice

    Jollof rice is the most popular rice dish in Ghana and Nigeria. Its attractive colour...
  • Spicy Snails

    Spicy Snails

    Snails are commonly served as a delicacy and are quite expensive. It is also a very...
  • Rice with Beans and Stew

    Rice with Beans and Stew

    Here is another interesting way to eat rice, beans or stew. It is rich in...
  • Exotic Agbalumo Smoothie

    Exotic Agbalumo Smoothie

    This smoothie is an exotic recipe that can be enjoyed this season with Agbalumo (udara)...
  • White Rice and Stew

    White Rice and Stew

    'Rice and Stew' is one of the most popular dishes in Nigeria. It is as simple as rice...
  • Butter Icing

    Butter Icing

    Butter is a topping made from butter and icing sugar. It is very easy to prepare and...
  • Chicken in Vegetable Panache

    Chicken in Vegetable Panache

    This is simply a mixture of thinly sliced chicken in common vegetables and chicken...
  • Beans Porridge

    Beans Porridge

    This is a more traditional method of preparing beans with the onions adding a unique...

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