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  • Snails Kebab

    Snails Kebab

    Snails kebab is a sumptuous and crunchy dish enjoyed in many parts of Nigeria. Though...
  • Scones


    Somewhere in between crunchy and creamy, scones are delightful to have and are very...
  • Edikang Ikong Soup

    Edikang Ikong Soup

    This is a highly nutritive delicacy in Akwa Ibom and Cross River States. It is highly...
  • Chocolate Cake

    Chocolate Cake

    These soothing, yummy cakes are heavenly with cream and is gaining more popularity than...
  • Egusi Soup

    Egusi Soup

    Egusi Soup is prepared from melon seeds and is enjoyed in most parts of Nigeria. Melon...
  • Vegetable Rice

    Vegetable Rice

    Vegetable rice is a nutritious dish rich in carbohydrate, iron, proteins and vitamins....
  • Okro Soup

    Okro Soup

    Okro soup is one of the most popular 'draw soups' enjoyed in almost every part of...
  • Meat Pie & Sausage Rolls

    Meat Pie & Sausage Rolls

    Meat Pies and Sausages are very easy to make at home. They are also served in many...

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