Nigerian Food and Recipes

Sweet Mama’s Healthy Okro Soup

October 09, 2012

Sometimes it's difficult to really do this 'healthy dishes' thing in a country where our basic food is eba, poundo, rice and yam. As a child I remember sweet mama prepared this soup once in a while. I don't know if she thinking of healthy cooking then but I know all she used was a couple of lady fingers(okro), mackarel or titus(ice fish), a lot of pepper, very little onions and maybe one tsp of palm oil.

Like I said, I don't think she was thinking of the healthy cooking considering the number of people we had in the house. I think the palm oil, beef, stockfish and dried fish were kind of expensive. This acquired taste can only be achieved with 'ice fish'. So season the fish, chop in the okro, add the remaining pepper, maggi and salt to taste - tara! Food is ready

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